ToolPac 23.0 New Functions & Improvements

Version 23.0 requires AutoCAD 2010-2024, BricsCAD v17-v23 Pro or IntelliCAD 10.0 or Higher.

New Functions
AFC   Annotation Field Combine Combines through math or concatenation multiple annotations using linked fields.
AQC   Annotation Field Custom Quick placement of custom properties to existing annotation.
AFM   Annotation Field Mtext Extracts multliple cells from a table as linked field mtext.
IPU   General PDF Underlay Import multiple sheets of a PDF file as underlays with row/column options.
OPG   Object Property Grid Quick editing or export / import of properties of multiple object types.
XDR   Xref Dwg Manager Xref management and reporting across multiple open drawings.
ASM   Annotation Style Merge Redesigned to allow processing current drawing or a selection of external files in one process.
BID   Block Import Data Added Excel *.XLSx as importable format.
SXD   Block Export Data Added Excel *.XLSx as exportable format.
DMI   Draw Mask Internal Overhauled for speed, not allows multiple object selection.  Now uses CAD wipeout objects instead of requiring the small toolpac.bmp file.
DSS   Drawing Search Strings Added option to search for named viewports.
IIL   Image Info List Added columns for four corner point coordinates.
TFF   Table Import File Improved with addition of multiple read file formats.
TXF   Table Export File Improved with addition of multiple write file formats.
    Various Tools Rewritten for significant speed improvement and/or additional functionality.
General Changes
    ToolPac Ribbon Continued overhaul for readability and usability.  Current state could be considered a final layout candidate meaning only 'additions' will appear in the future.  Added TPCUI command to reload CUI and also change icon color to one of 8 colors.