ToolPac 22.0 New Functions & Improvements

Version 22.0 requires AutoCAD 2010-2023, BricsCAD v17-v22 Pro or IntelliCAD 9.0 or Higher.

New Functions
ARI AnnRotIns Annotation Rotate Insert Rotates selected annotation at specified angle.
AVC AnnValCpy Annotation Value Copy Copy an annotation value to a selection set.
DLJ DrwLinJmp Draw Line Jump Processes a selection set creating line jump over intersecting item.
  DwgPrpExp Drawing Properties Export Export current drawing properties to a selected drawing file.
  DwgPrpImp Drawing Properties Import Import drawing properties from a selected drawing file.
GLL GenLinLeg General Linetyle Legend Creates a table legend of linetypes in the drawing.
MMF MtxMulFmt Mtext Multi Format Formats properties like bold, italics, underline on selection set.
OAS ObjAliStk Object Align Stack Aligns and stacks a selection set of objects.
DWG   Drawing Details Includes dwgprop information, layout previews, more.
GLI   Object Glue Lines Rewritten for speed, addtional processing options.
IGF   Import Graphics File SVG Read driver rewritten for better results, more object types.
MMC MtxModCmd Mtext Modify Command Added options to removed blank lines, set width (by picking).
OID   Object ID Commands Improved with options for copy, erase.
OLT   Object Layer ByType Rewritten for faster processing, more object types.
    Various Tools Changed to accept existing selection (PickFirst).
    Various Tools Rewritten for significant speed improvement and/or additional functionality.
General Changes
    ToolPac Ribbon Overhauled for readability and usability, now uses labels and dropdowns.
ACS   Object Set Properties Alias changed to OCS
AVC   Annotation Content Swap Alias changed to ACS
MTX MtxUpdClp Mtext Update Clipboard Moved to a suboption of MtxModCmd