ToolPac 18.0 New Functions & Improvements

Version 18.0 requires AutoCAD 2010-2019, BricsCAD v15-v18 Pro or IntelliCAD 8.3-8.4.

New Functions
'AU Alternate Units Allows alternate units to be entered whenever CAD is expecting a distance value
BAO Block Attribute Order Changes the order of attributes in a block.  Unlike existing tools, this one actually shuffles the attrbute tags. strings and prompts.
BXM Block Explode Minsert Explodes Minsert into multiple regular inserts.
DP% Draw Point Percentage Draws point objects at a specified percentages along linear objects.
DDO Drawing Delete Objects Removes designated objects from multiple drawings.
DPW Drawing Purge Locks Purge drawing lock files *.DWL? from subfolder(s).
LQS Layout Quick Select Quickly select a layout from a resizeable grid of thumbnails.
SDC Surface Draw Contours Draws contour lines at an interval on a selected mesh object.
SDE Surface Draw Edges Draws all or outer edges of a selected mesh object.
SMC Surface Mesh Convert Converts mesh files between supported formats.
SMI Surface Mesh Import Imports supported mesh files formats into the current drawing.
*** Toolbar Icons More toolbar icons added.
DAE Drawing Extract Blocks Added separate section for simple block totals across selected drawings, results can be copies, exported, etc.
DOL DrawOrder ByLayer Storage in drawing now uses pointers to recognize renamed layers.  Stores dictionary even if no order name selected.  Now allows changes of existing order names.
DPW Drawing Purge Locks Purge drawing lock files *.DWL? from subfolder(s).
F2P 3dFace To Polyline Added new extruded option, creates 2D polylines with normal planes in the face normal direction.
LOM Layout Manager Added toggle to optionally show layout thumbnail on the row.  Scale can be controlled by right click dropdown list.  Preview also included in report.
LXY Label XYZ Values Now uses dimension ordinate for leader, allows dragging with updates.
OCL Object Layer ByColor Significant speed improvement, name checking, newly created layers take the color of the first object processed.
  Various Tools Rewritten for significant speed improvement and/or additional functionality.
AXV Annotation Explode Vectors Obsolete, use built in TXTEXP command (primary) or ToolPac ObjExpLow (secondary).
HEM Hatch Edit Multiple Obsolete, use PROPS dialog.
MLE Multiline Edit Obsolete, use PROPS scale, justify options.
MTA Mtext Alignment Obsolete, use PROPS alignment option.
T?? Text Tools Obsolete, use mtext/annotation tools section.