The Build Thread (10.0)

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The Build Thread (10.0)

Postby twdotson » Tue Jan 18, 2022 4:38 pm

This post/thread is for minor revisions and major new tools added to MapWorks.

  • (04-02-21) Point Snap, added Sample option to snap points to adjacent section sample lines.
  • (04-03-21) Mass Points, added options to output TinSurface and GridSurface files.
  • (04-11-21) Map Import, overhauled GML driver for better geometry and data import.
  • (04-18-21) Section Sample Lidar, improved results by sectioning structures with vertical drop.
  • (04-23-21) Mass Points, added option to generate GridSurface direct to drawing.
  • (05-02-21) Section Sample, added northing and easting to reported columns.
  • (05-04-21) Surface Contour Create, added option to create from surfaces in drawing.
  • (05-19-21) Object/Entity Data Labels, uses a template to label extended information of polylines, etc.
  • (05-22-21) Point Group Cmd, added Highlight option, builds selection of points in matching groups.
  • (05-25-21) Object data tools, enhanced all tools to support optional standard xdata use.
  • (06-18-21) Surface MassPoints, added option for post processing to create Tin database.
  • (06-21-21) Surface Triangulation, fast mesh 60% faster, and uses less memory.
  • (06-23-21) Surface Query Database, extracts results content from a pre-processed Tin database.
  • (06-26-21) Surface MassPoints, filter distance [any] speed improved dozens of times faster.
  • (07-02-21) Surface Query Database, added additional options for Grids, exports.
  • (07-06-21) Surface MassPoints, filter distance [any] added 2D/3D distance option.
  • (07-08-21) Surface Tin Formats, added Leica Terrain Model (*.trm) currently read-only.
  • (07-26-21) Section SampleExtend extends/trims SampleLines based on various options.
  • (08-06-21) Point Convert Explode, converts by temporarily exploding objects and obtaining properties.
  • (08-13-21) Network Convert, converts linear geometry with object data to pipe networks.
  • (08-20-21) Surface E00 Grid format read driver rewritten for increased speed, stability.
  • (08-20-21) Profile File Export, export to CSV or DWG/DXF for Slide2 and SlopeW stability apps.
  • (09-14-21) Figure Label Info improved with local low, high flags, minimum length limiter.
  • (09-28-21) EPA SWMM Surface, Generates surfaces from z values in EPS SWMM Report file.
  • (10-04-21) Section View Resize, resize section views with new offsets and elevation values.
  • (11-10-21) Added TinSurface File Format ESRI ADF TinSurface (tdenv.adf) in read mode.
  • (11-21-21) Parcel Deed Entry, added numerous curve creation methods.
  • (11-27-21) LIdar Scale/Rotate, optionally scales and rotates a Lidar file based on parameters.
  • (01-04-22) Object Data Contained, added support for slope arrows, averaged and pushed into data.
  • (01-17-22) Figure Label Information improved with toggle for xref labels on/off.

With each revision, the build has been revised. Existing users should run Check for Updates (or download again and reinstall).

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