The Build Thread (19.x)

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The Build Thread (19.x)

Postby twdotson » Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:03 am

  • (04-15-19) Drawing Rename File, renames or copies files based on specified content such as title block attribute or DwgProps fields.
  • (04-15-19) Layout Convert Rectangles, converts a selection set of polyline rectangles to layouts with viewports matching extents.
  • (04-15-19) Object Data Connect, creates and manages external data in spreadsheets linked by object handle.
  • (04-15-19) Surface Mesh Explode, explodes a Polyface or SubDMesh object into 3dFaces.
  • (04-15-19) Table Style Scale, scales a TableStyle for better initial results in different disciplines.
  • (04-15-19) Drawing Replace improved, support for editing/adding hyperlinks.
  • (04-15-19) Layout Manager improved, numerous improvements, performance added.
  • (04-15-19) Surface Mesh Improved, added support for Collada DSE format.
  • (04-15-19) Inquiry Rectangle List improved, overhauled to handle rotated rectangles, better output and label option.
  • (04-15-19) Ribbon completed and includes an icon for all tools.
  • (06-06-19) Settings dialog reactors, corrected problem with auto-save.
  • (06-06-19) Corrected wrappers for boundary command in international versions.
  • (06-06-19) Surface Face Controls, added boundaries option to shrinkwrap selection.
  • (07-02-19) Added Block Attribute Elevation, set elevation of attributes (option to block elev).
  • (07-02-19) Added Object Construct Shrinkwrap, creates shrinkwrap around selection set of linear objects.
  • (07-29-19) Corrected Layout Viewport Layers not showing layers in certain circumstances.
  • (07-29-19) Added Image Purge (Defs), purges image definitions and all references (all layouts) along with orphaned references.
  • (09-19-19) Table Convert Text, added polyline support to the linework option.
  • (11-23-19) Surface 3dFace Tools, added explode option to line objects with no duplication.
  • (11-23-19) Surface 3dFace Tools, added restore option from line objects forming logical faces.
  • (01-09-20) Object Fix Extrusion, added support for (heavy) Polyline2d objects.
  • (02-04-20) Annotation Mask Add, corrected problem causing parent to separate from group.
  • (02-05-20) Drawing Process Tools, added 2013/2018 DWG as save as file formats on AC2020.
  • (02-10-20) Drawing ReDefine, added toggles to preserve attribute insertion and widths.

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