BricsCAD v21 Pro Civil Compatibility

Civil/Survey and GIS add-on for CAD engines.
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BricsCAD v21 Pro Civil Compatibility

Postby twdotson » Wed Nov 11, 2020 7:57 pm

BricsCAD v21 Pro version includes a growing list of Civil components in it's foundation. MapWorks builds for previous versions of BricsCAD only used it's CAD engine and worked with our own Civil functionality. However beginning with this release (MapWorks 9.0 on v21 Pro Windows or higher) it will begin creating the underlying BricsCAD Civil objects (such as TinSurfaces) whenever possible and reading from them as well (when applicable). This thread will list the tools that have been made compatible (so far) and this list will grow.

  • Alignment Block Place
  • Alignment Create Polylines
  • Alignment Convert Entities
  • Alignment Detail Report
  • Alignment Label Edges
  • Alignment Label Offsets
  • Alignment Point Add
  • Alignment Point Import
  • Alignment Point Inverse
  • Alignment Rotate Points
  • Alignment Sample Figures
  • Alignment Snap Points
  • Alignment Station Labels
  • Alignment Tag Info
  • Alignment Tag Figures
  • Alignment Transparent 'SO
  • Alignment Zoom Station
  • Lidar Classify Ground
  • Lidar Create (from Drawing)
  • Map Publish (KML)
  • Profile Sample Surface
  • Section HecRas Import
  • Surface Contour
  • Surface Contour Labels
  • Surface Draw Boundary
  • Surface File Export
  • Surface Grade Vectors
  • Surface Manager
  • Surface Mass Points
  • Surface Multi-Export
  • Surface Multi-Import
  • Surface Multi-Processor
  • Surface Point Edit
  • Surface Pond Spill Point
  • Surface Quick Make
  • Surface Shape Read
  • Surface Slope Anno
  • Surface Spill Point
  • Surface Spot Anno
  • Surface TIN Create
  • Surface TIN Reconstruct
  • Surface Volumes
  • Surface Web Elevations

If you have a need for other functionality that works with BricsCAD Civil foundations, please contact us.

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