Coordinate System Assignment Change Plans

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Coordinate System Assignment Change Plans

Postby twdotson » Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:49 pm

As you are aware, MapWorks has always been EPSG (Integer) based. AutoCAD of course uses the Mentor (String) name stored in the "CGEOCS" system variable and BricsCAD is following this lead (we expect IntelliCAD to eventually). As such it seems we should adopt this as our standard in the next version of MapWorks.

In reading the information assigned to the drawing, we will convert this to the new string format. However when you assign a system, the new information stored will be the string, and to others opening that drawing (with an older version) it will appear the drawing simply hasn't been assigned. So when you change over, change your entire group!

For those that habitually enter their EPSG number into the system assignment dialogs we will lookup the Mentor string from the number and change the entry, so you can continue until you adjust. We will also continue to list the EPSG code in information fields.

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