Point Edit Attributes (6.0)

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Point Edit Attributes (6.0)

Postby twdotson » Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:11 pm

Various tools to edit the point attributes and their properties.

Option Description
Erase: Erases the selected attribute. This actually removes the attribute, not simply set it's text to blank.
Flip: Rotates the selected attribute 180 degrees about its center.
Lock: Locks the attributes position in the block insert so it cannot be moved and grips do not appear.
Position: Prompts for a point, determining the position.
Rotation: Prompts for a rotation point, determining the attribute rotation.
Text: Displays a dialog allowing changes to the text string.
Unlock: Unlocks the attributes position in the block insert so it can be moved, etc.
Width: Sets the width factor for the attribute. A number less than one shrinks the label.

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