The Build Thread (6.0)

Civil/Survey and GIS add-on for CAD engines.
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The Build Thread (6.0)

Postby twdotson » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:49 pm

  • (02-29-16) Points: Added ability to directly import .TXT files. Use system settings to set the format the application should expect (such as P,N,E,Z,D).
  • (02-29-16) Points: Corrected duplicate points in a single point post (such as import).
  • (03-03-16) Surfaces: Added read/write support for the Topcon Surface Tin (*.tn3) format.
  • (03-08-16) Parcels: Corrected problems with Parcels Manager not responding to clicks.
  • (03-08-16) Figure: Tools for figure densify, weed, and label added.
  • (03-20-16) Points: Improved Leica GSI file import.
  • (05-07-16) Points: Corrected problems in Point Add Radial and Point Add Grid.
  • (06-08-16) Surfaces: Added import support for Trimble Tin Models (*.TTM) files.
  • (06-17-16) Surfaces: Added import support for GeoTIFF DEM Files (*.TIF) files.
  • (06-02-16) Points: Added export for Drawing Script File (*.scr).
  • (06-08-16) Figures: Added several additional figure tools.
  • (06-11-16) Parcels: Corrections when using LegalWriter [Geometry] button.
  • (06-20-16) Tools: Added GroundOverlay support to MapImport (KML), attaching image(s).
  • (06-22-16) General: Corrected problem with unresponsive Settings buttons.
  • (08-12-16) Image: Corrected problem with Image Symbol projection.
  • (08-16-16) Parcels: Added save contents to audio (wav) file option.
  • (09-09-16) Surfaces: Corrected problem on create solid tool.
  • (11-02-16) General: Added support for BricsCAD v17 Pro/Platinum.
  • (12-26-16) Alignments: Label Station Offset, added mLeader option.
  • (02-13-17) Significant improvements on Mass Points Processor including build surface, LAZ support, coordinate system projections, easy click classification selection, more output options and speed enhancements.
  • (03-11-17) Tools: Added configuration panel to TMS Image Tiles.
  • (03-16-17) Surface: Added Bing Elevation Service to Web Elevations tool (requires ApiKey).
  • (03-23-17) Surface: Added direct surface creation option to Web Elevations tool.
  • (03-24-17) General: Added support for AutoCAD 2018 based products.
  • (03-24-17) Alignments: Added Point Rotate, rotates survey points to alignment direction.
  • (06-20-17) Point Clouds: Several new import/export file formats added.

With each revision, the build has been revised. Existing users should run Check for Updates (or download again and reinstall).

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