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Surface Lidar Tools (7.0)

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:09 pm
by twdotson
Convert: Convert multiple surface file formats to Lidar LAZ files.
List: Detailed report in browser of point count, coordinate window, elevation min/max, etc.
Make: Creates a lidar file from points on entities (including surfaces).
Plot: Plots selected lidar files as point objects in the drawing.
Project: Projects lidar from a source to target coordinate system, saves as a different file name.
Tiles: Quickly draw and label the 3D bounding box of a selection of binary Lidar LAS/LAZ files.

The tiles tool is not new but is listed for completeness of the collection.

Re: Surface Lidar Tools (7.0)

Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 3:33 pm
by twdotson
We have added code to attempt to auto-detect the coordinate system for LAS/LAZ files. Files with US state plane "WKT" designations of NAD83 and NAD83(HARN) should be detected. The detection generates names expecting a consistent naming convention of:


Where ST is the state abbreviation and R is region (like North, Central) and (F) is optional feet. Examples for Colorado North are "CO83-NF" and "HARN/CO.CO-NF". So watch the resulting file names, although an improperly derived name should lead to an error when the actual projection is attempted.

  • Mass Points Processor the found name will show in the top grid.
  • Draw Lidar Tiles includes the system name under the filename in the label and the rectangle is projected to the drawing coordinate system.
  • Lidar Draw Points projects points to the current drawing system.
  • Lidar List included a new column for "CrdSys" where detected names appear.

Run Check for Updates in MapWorks/C3DTools. If you have LAS/LAZ files that should have a spatial reference but it's not detected, contact us (preferably with a download link).