The Build Thread (7.0)

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The Build Thread (7.0)

Postby Lincoln » Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:06 pm

I just found this build thread. Thanks for listing the revisions here. It really helps to see what has has been added with each update.

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Re: The Build Thread (7.0)

Postby twdotson » Tue Jan 15, 2019 6:54 pm

This thread is for small (but important) revisions that don't warrant a thread of it's own. For example a new major tool will be described in a new thread. Applies to C3DTools or MapWorks and may not be included in C3D Subsets.

  • (06-23-17) Point Hyperlinks: Added description (or point name) hyperlink to images files tool.
  • (07-25-17) Surface Web Elevations: Added mesh output and elevation tile processing.
  • (07-26-17) Projections Slippy Tiles: Draws rectangles showing the extents at a zoom level.
  • (08-01-17) General DMS<>DD: Now modeless dialog, convenient paste results into command prompt.
  • (08-11-17) Map Files: Added GeoJSON Open Standard (*.geojson) import & export.
  • (08-15-17) Tin Surfaces: Added VTP Intermediate TIN Format (*.ITF) import & export.
  • (08-19-17) Grid Surfaces: Added ESRI ArcGrid Floating Point (w001001.adf) import.
  • (08-20-17) Surfaces: Optimized Mass Points Processor faster processing, minimal data burden.
  • (09-13-17) Projections Google Maps: Various tools such as display point, directions, street view.
  • (11-29-17) Point Edit Elevations: Relative renamed Vertical, new Relative option for slope from picked point.
  • (12-08-17) Point Select: Added Surface option, specify selection of points above, below or equal.
  • (02-04-18) Figures: Added Point Report, points (number, coordinates, distance, offset) along figures.
  • (02-07-18) Point Add/Objects: Added option to add object start/end point only.
  • (02-28-18) Figure Output: Added station to output columns, C3D FeatureLines report correct name.
  • (03-14-18) GeoMarker Commands, including quick add (on objects), convert nodal objects and reporting.
  • (04-04-18) Sections, added initial version HEC-RAS export and import tools.
  • (04-04-18) Sections, added initial version section export (to file, excel etc) tools.
  • (04-15-18) Surface Quick Make added, creates surface from geometry with options (like point density/radius).
  • (04-17-18) Point ShapeFile Read revised to create extended data (UDP on C3D) from database fields.
  • (05-17-18) Projection Object Transformation, added two viewports option, support for more object types.
  • (05-21-18) Parcels Legal Reader, minor revision for parsing line bearing/distances.
  • (05-24-18) Surface Mass Points, minor revision for projecting LAS/LAZ extents.
  • (05-24-18) Surface TIN Reconstruct, added 2dSolid read, direct TinSurface create, major speedup.
  • (05-24-18) Point Report, added Layer column, export option for table to CSV, DBF, XML, etc.
  • (05-28-18) Tools Trimble FXL, for importing symbols and layers from Trimble Feature Definition files.
  • (05-28-18) Section Sample Export, added option to enter offsets (comma separated) or All.
  • (06-01-18) Parcel Summary Report, corrected problem when using decimal seconds on labels.
  • (06-18-18) Image TMS Tile, corrected problem adding new server, added Arizona NAIP 2015 server.
  • (06-20-18) Figure Difference, shows differences (horizontal & vertical) between figures.
  • (06-22-18) Figure Difference, added option to compare to a surface, elevation differences, etc.
  • (06-22-18) Figure Daylight, draws daylight figure and extension lines at specified slope to a surface.
  • (06-25-18) Figure Delete Labels, erases all labels on a selection set of figures.
  • (06-27-18) Figure Daylight, added densify option to generate additional points at slope on results.
  • (07-05-18) PolyContour Group, group contours under a name for other operations (below).
  • (07-05-18) PolyContour Volumes, added group name option dropdown, tighter report.
  • (07-07-18) PolyContour Stage Table, creates a linked stage storage table from a PolyContour Group.
  • (07-08-18) PolyContour Stage Graph, creates a linked stage storage graph from a PolyContour Group.
  • (07-18-18) Tools Drawing Rotate, allows rotation of all model space by source and target directions.
  • (08-22-18) Surface Grade Path, added maximum length limiter field.
  • (08-23-18) Figure Vertex Commit, commit secondary vertices on figures to primary vertices.
  • (08-29-18) Surface Pond Spill, determines contours up to spill point, creates polycontour group.
  • (09-25-18) Change (lower) the resolution of a selection set of images while maintaining size/position.
  • (10-18-18) Figure Detail Report, added elev/slope toggle to report slope distances, grades, etc.
  • (10-18-18) Point Edit Rotate, rotate multiple points to angle of adjacent geometry.

With each revision, the build has been revised. Existing users should run Check for Updates (or download again and reinstall).

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