The Build Thread

Extends AutoCAD's GeoLocation functionality.
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The Build Thread

Postby twdotson » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:28 pm

This thread is for small (but important) revisions that don't warrant a thread of it's own. For example a new major tool will be described in a new thread.

  • (12-08-16) Initial release of GeoLocationPlus for AutoCAD 2015 or higher.
  • (04-19-17) Minor revision for 2018 compatibility.
  • (03-11-17) Added configuration panel to TMS Image Tiles.
  • (05-23-17) Revised to handle KML objects embedded in Multiparts.
  • (06-01-17) Added support for AutoCAD Legacy (2010+), BricsCAD and IntelliCAD engines.
  • (07-25-17) Web Elevations: Added mesh output and elevation tile processing.
  • (07-26-17) Slippy Tiles: Draws rectangles showing the extents at a zoom level.
  • (08-01-17) DMS<>DD: Now modeless dialog, convenient paste results into command prompt.
  • (08-11-17) Map Files: Added GeoJSON Open Standard (*.geojson) import & export.
  • (09-13-17) Google Maps: Various tools such as display point, directions, street view.
  • (10-18-17) Block Place: Place inserts at projected locations from files containing lat/long.
  • (10-25-17) Pull down menu added (MENUBAR=1) to accompany previous ribbon and command interface.

With each revision, the build has been revised. Existing users should download again and reinstall.

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Re: El hilo de compilación

Postby waov1972 » Sat Sep 12, 2020 7:24 pm

funciona para Acad 2019 - en adelante (

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