Export Civil 3d objects to LandXML

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Export Civil 3d objects to LandXML

Postby techsbarnett » Wed Sep 21, 2022 2:46 pm

Is there a tool to export Civil 3d objects to LandXML, more specifically feature lines and corridors? Civil 3d does not export the feature lines with curves out correctly.
Civil 3d exports to LandXML by giving the radius distance, the coordinates for the beginning of the arc, the coordinates at the middle of the arc, and the coordinates at the end of the arc.
<Curve radius="378.997768248807">
<Start>751943.609316025861 666706.690167560708 1287.799562775996</Start>
<Center>751856.603271244676 666607.740624692291 1287.789328493178</Center>
<End>751856.4346775827 666607.605805933475 1287.787140881177</End>

This does not follow the LandXML.org schema. At a minimum there should also be a direction and the CENTER should be the coordinates of the radius.
<Curve rot="cw" radius="2.49999">
<Start>751986.731759582646 667045.013519452419 1289.75</Start>
<Center>751984.43485 667044.02651 1289.774999999907</Center>
<End>751983.447827664204 667046.323401566595 1289.799999999814</End>

Other software (TBC) I use exports out even more information.
<Curve rot="ccw" crvType="arc" radius="2.49999" length="3.92700" dirStart="23.254290481" dirEnd="293.253766533" staStart="0.00000" chord="3.53554" delta="90.0005239478" tangent="2.50001" midOrd="0.73224" external="1.03555">
<Start>751983.44783 667046.32341 0.00000</Start>
<Center>751984.43485 667044.02651 0.00000</Center>
<End>751986.73176 667045.01352 0.00000</End>
<PI>751985.74474 667047.31045</PI>

Before I go down the long road of trying to find a work around, I just want to make sure there isn't a tool I'm missing.

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