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DotSoft Welcomes You

Thank you for visiting our web site.  DotSoft has began started porting our industry leading CAD productivity products to Revit.  Our mission is to provide low cost solutions in the form of high quality software.


  Overcomes the limits and problems associated with placement of Excel spreadsheets inside Revit.  It creates and maintains DWG/DXF files of named ranges in Excel that are linked in Revit.  The results are lines, fills and mtext that can plot without problems and are highly portable to others.


  Place Word documents into Revit projects.  It creates and maintains DWG/DXF files of Word documents that are linked in Revit.  You simply select your area of interest and click an icon to create the DWG file.  The best part is that as changes are made in Word the DWG files are updated when the document is saved or closed.


  Converts PDF files to DWG/DXF which can be placed or linked in Revit.  Using our conversion tool, if the PDF file contains vector geometry, it will result in highly usable polylines in CAD.  Text annotations become text objects.

DotSoft Celebrates 20 Years

  In 1988 we sold our first software product.  After twenty years we are proud to say we have increased the productivity of thousands of designers.  We look forward to the future to expand on our accomplishments using the experience we've gained.

If you're not a user of our software, now is a great time to get involved as we move to an even more prosperous and productive future!

DotSoft Information

Address: DotSoft
3390 Morehead Road
Flemingsburg, KY 41041 USA
Phone: (606) 849-4312
Fax: (606) 849-3145
Email: Sales Department

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Developing For


While these products should run on any recent version of  Revit, we have completed basic testing on these variants.

Revit 2008 MEP
Revit 2010 Arch  

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