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 PdfImport Details

This tool is used to import PDF files directly into CAD.  Attempts to screen capture the PDF results in a low resolution image that doesn't plot well and can't be snapped to.  Using our import tool, if the PDF file contains vector geometry, it will result in highly usable polylines in CAD.  If the PDF contains text annotations, they will become text objects.  Images embedded in the PDF are extracted and placed as IMAGE references.

Details: A single dialog controls the process of importing PDF files.

Details of the programs functionality is described below.

Function Description
Open: Use a standard Windows open dialog to select your PDF file or drag/drop a file onto the viewer.
Preview: The preview window lets you visually confirm the contents of the selected page before processing.  You can zoom in to examine details or zoom extents for the big picture.
Pages: Since PDFs can contain multiple pages, you can browse and select pages with a single click before processing.
Parameters: Specify (separate) default values for model & layout inserts.
Lineweights: Use or ignore the lineweights defined in the PDF file.

PDFImport -vs- AutoCAD Options:

Before you consider using the options built into AutoCAD, consider the problems you will encounter.

Option Description
OLE: You can only insert the first page, the results are extremely grainy, and you can't snap to or edit the results.
Underlay: You can only view/plot the pages, you cannot modify the results.  You can't edit text, clean up parts of images or move path vertices.  While you can snap to path vertices, we think you have better things to do than trace over PDFs all day.


  • Visual preview before importing.
  • Handles multiple page files with ease.
  • Generates paths as polylines for smaller file size.
  • Embedded images become CAD Image references.
  • PDF text objects become CAD Mtext.
  • Runs as true 64bit in compatible engines.

Legacy: For AutoCAD 2000-2006 or LT, see PDF2DWG.

Important Notes:

 This product imports but does not convert PDF objects.

What appears as linework in a PDF may be a raster image.  During import they will remain as
raster images, they are not vectorized.  If your PDF came from a scanner, you have an image!
Sometimes high resolution scans look like vectors but they are not.  To check for yourself, open
the PDF in Adobe's free viewer and zoom to 800%+ to see the rough edges confirming an image.
What appears as Text in a PDF may be vectors or filled paths.  During import they will remain
as such, they are not converted to text objects.  To check for yourself, open the PDF in the
Adobe free viewer and use the find tool on what appears to be text.  If the viewer highlights
it, your results will be mtext objects.
PDF files are essentially plot files.  Do not purchase this application expecting it to do vector
character recognition or vectorization of raster images!

Before You Buy: This is only one of hundreds of tools in ToolPac.  The version in ToolPac is enhanced with automatic vectorization of images, circle/arc detection, multiple pages to layouts, and much more!

Product Support: Email Support Only

Product Eval: Available on Request.

Works with:
  • AutoCAD 2007 or Higher (excluding LT)
  • BricsCAD v12 Pro Windows or Higher
  • ZWCAD+ Pro 2014 or Higher
Does not work on AutoCAD LT No Mac Version Available

Option Price Link Description
Single License: $75

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Covers a single computer.
Site License: $495

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