MapWorks Tools for Map Details

MapWorks Tools for Map is a collection of tools to extend the functionality in AutoCAD Map and compatibles.  Includes tools for alternative coordinates, object data spreadsheet and editing tools, polyline tools that maintain object data, extra import formats like LandXML, Draworder by Layer and more.  Requires AutoCAD Map, Land  Desktop or Civil3D 2007 or higher.

Easy Installation:  The install program can addall this functionality in a single pulldown menu that is automatically inserted into your current profile.  Add MapWorks functionality to third party software and even custom menus without problems.

Alt Coords:
Set System: Sets the system code for the alternate coordinate system.
Label Add: Add an alternative coordinate label at multiple pickpoints.  For example you can rapidly label multiple Lat/Long with a single pick on each point.
Label Update: If you move or copy a label, this tool update a selection set of alternate coordinate labels.
Object Project: Projects selected objects to the alternate coordinate system.  No need to setup a draw query.
Track Motion: Track the coordinates of the alternate system as you move the cursor.
Enter Value: This transparent command lets you enter an alternate coordinate any time AutoCAD is prompting for a point.
Object Data:
Grid Editor: Edits the object data from multiple objects in aspreadsheet.  Also allows direct printing (with preview), export (Excel & Word), saving (to CSV/HTML/XML) and placement of results in the drawing as a table.
Property Exchange: Transfer object data to object properties and vice-versa.  Eliminates multiple steps to set polycontours (from SHP files) to their proper elevation.
Acquire Contained: Copies text/attributes inside closed objects to object data by various methods including layered or stacked text.
Modify Tools: These tools work like those in AutoCAD, except they preserve the object data on the results.
Break: Breaks a selected object maintaining object data on results.
Copy: Copies object data (all tables) from one object to a selection set.
Delete: Deletes all object data (all tables) from a selection set of objects.
Explode: Explodes a selection set of objects transferring object data to resulting components.
Highlight: Highlights selected objects with object data absent or present.
Building Close: Closes a selection set of building polylines by adding the back corner.
Check Closing: Evaluates and fixes incorrect closing on a selection set of polylines.
Change Origin: Changes the origin of a selected polyline.
Mark Origin/Dir: Place a temporary origin and direction marker on a selection set of polylines.
Mark Vertices: Place a temporary marker on all vertices of a selection set of polylines.
Reverse: Reverse the segments of a selection set of polylines.
Set Clockwise: Set the direction of a selection set of polylines to Clockwise or Counterclockwise.
Delete: Deletes a polyline vertex by picking near it.
Edit: Dialog edit the coordinates and elevation of a polyline vertex.
Insert: Inserts a polyline vertex by picking point and insertion segment.
Other Tools:
Import Files: Import multiple files of different format into the current drawing. Formats include multiple DGN, LandXML, and more.
Dist Calculator: Calculates distances using objects or points linear & radial.
Draworder: Control display order by moving layers up/down on a list.
Make World: Creates a world file from a selected image.

Compatible With:

  • AutoCAD Map 2007 or Higher.
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2007 or Higher.
  • AutoCAD Land Desktop 2007-2009.


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