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 MapWorks Base Details

MapWorks Base is a collection of Civil/Survey tools for importing data files and manipulating geometry in AutoCAD, BricsCAD and ZWCAD.  It contains functionality for processing extended data, importing/exporting maps, a symbol manager with over mapping 175 symbols, coordinate projection support and a large collection of general tools to improve your productivity.

MapWorks Coordinate Label Video Coordinates: Place coordinate labels that update (on next regen) when moved or copied.
MapWorks Curve Label Video Curves: Place customizable curve labels using a single pick (arc or polylarc segment) or any three points.
MapWorks Distance Label Video Distances: Draws distance labels (dimensions) along the segments of linear objects.  Grip editing the object changes the distances.
MapWorks Figure Dimensions Video Figures: Draws distance labels along the segments of figures (linear objects).
MapWorks Leader Label Video Leader Labels: Label coordinates or segment data (linear or curve) in two picks.  Total control over the appearance of the results (which fields with precision control) using a string template.  Update all with a single command if moved.
MapWorks Line/Curve Table Video Line/Curve Tables: Place (and manage) line/curve tags and place a customizable line or curve table in the drawing.  After tags are added/removed you can simply update the table in a single command.
MapWorks Label Linear Objects Video Linear Objects: Quickly label all the segments of a selection set of lines, arcs or polylines.  Does not duplicate labels when two polylines share a common segment.
MapWorks Perpendicular Offsets Video Perpendicular: Draws perpendicular dimensions from objects to a linear segment.
MapWorks Label Polyline Data Video Polyline Data: Place custom labels for polyline area and perimeter.  The labels are fields so they update as the polyline changes.
MapWorks Label Slopes Video Slopes: Label slope parameters (such as degree of slope, ratios, distances) between two points in plan view.
MapWorks Label Slopes Video Introduction: Import major formats produced by ESRI, civil applications and government agencies. This tool allows you to select multiple files, specify a coordinate window, and quickly import mapping information directly into your CAD drawing.

Our Import tool has been tested with massive files, including a 3GB SHP/DBF from a major city.

  Project: The import tool can do a coordinate projection during import.  Simply assign source systems for each file (some autodetected) and a target system.
● Autodesk Breakline File (*.flt)
● Carlson SurvCADD Polyline File (*.pln)
● ContourGPS Export Files (*.csv)
● ESRI Generate Polyline File (*.gen;*.ung)
● ESRI Shape File (*.shp)
● Geography Markup Language (*.gml)
● Golden Software Blanking/Boundary (*.bln)
● Google Earth KMZ/KML Files (*.kmz,*.kml)
  ● GPS Exchange Format (*.gpx)
● LandXML Industry Consortium (*.xml)
● MapInfo Data Interchange Format (*.mif)
● Moss/MX Genio String Files (*.mos;*.inp)
● Open Street Map Files (*.osm)
● Ordnance Survey MasterMap GZip (*.gz)
● USGS Digital Line Graph (*.dlg;*.opt)

If you don't see your format listed, contact us.  We are always looking to add additional formats to our list.

MapWorks Label Slopes Video Introduction: Export drawing geometry to several formats.
● Autodesk Breakline File (*.flt)
● Carlson SurvCADD Polyline File (*.pln)
● ESRI Generate Polyline File (*.gen)
● ESRI Shape File (*.shp)
● Golden Software Blanking/Boundary (*.bln)
  ● GPS Exchange Format (*.gpx)
● MapInfo Data Interchange Format (*.mif/mid)
● Moss/MX Genio String Files (*.mos)
● OpenGIS Simple Features Text (*.txt)
MapWorks Label Slopes Video Manager: A tool for managing both the symbols provided in MapWorks and your own user symbols.
Scale Previews: You can assign a scale factor from 10% to 200% to resize the DWG preview bitmaps.
Click Details: A single click gives you operating system file details along with properties embedded in the drawing, as accessed from the DWGPROPS command.
  Symbols: A large collection of symbols in the areas of arrows, mining, points, road plan, shapes, trees, utility, and vehicles.
Systems: Includes support for all major systems, including LL27, LL84, NAD27, NAD83, HARN, etc.
  Alt Coords: A system allowing entry and labeling of a second system.  For example if your current drawing is in state plane, you can easily enter values in lat/long or place updatable labels displaying the alternate system.   You can even copy the labels and the alternate coordinates update on demand.
Set System: Sets the system code for the alternate coordinate system.
Entry: Enter an alternate coordinate any time CAD is prompting for a point using the transparent 'AC command.
Label Add: Add an alternative coordinate label at multiple pick points.
Convert Lat/Long: Reads lat/long text files (DD/DMS), projects to designated coordinate system and writes to point file.
Coord Entry: Enter or pick coordinates which are projected and listed.  Convert between any two systems, even data shifts of NAD27 <> NAD83.
  DMS <> DD: Convert numeric values between degrees, minutes and seconds to degree decimal.
Elev Grid: Inserts points on a grid interval with the elevations returned by the USGS Elevation Service or Google's Elevation Service.
Excel Parse: Projects coordinates in an Excel spreadsheet and writes the projected values to adjacent columns.
GNIS Query: Uses the internet to query the Geographic Names Information System with plotting options.
Introduction: Maps & Earth exporting have options to vectorize nodal objects (like text, inserts) so that they display properly in the export. The results look like your CAD drawing inside the target!
Maps Export: Displays selected geometry in Google Maps (in your default web browser).
Earth Export: Select objects in the drawing and they appear in running Google Earth.
● Exports survey points as placemarks.
● Creates layers in GE matching CAD layers.
● Generates automatic vertices along curved objects.
● Exports 3dFace objects at the proper elevation, including building faces.
● Use Symbol Mapping to place different PNG images on different blocks.
Get Earth Image: Gets the current Google Earth image and places it into the drawing.
Get Earth View: Sets Google Earth view to extents of current (system assigned) drawing.
Set Earth View: Sets the CAD viewport to match the current Google Earth view.
MapWorks Image Symbols Video Image Symbols: Go straight from your GPS enabled camera to CAD!  Locates symbols representing GPS Photos (with EXIF data) directly from images.  Creates a hyperlink to the image, projects to drawing system, rotates to view (if bearing data exists), and more.
  Open Street Maps:
Import: Imports OpenStreetMap geometry by simply windowing an area inside the drawing.
Set View: Displays OpenStreetMap in your browser with the current drawings viewport..
Set: Sets the coordinate system for current drawing.  This information is saved inside the drawing.
Tracker: Tracks the coordinates of the CAD cursor in multiple coordinate systems.  Optionally outputs coordinates on ID command ending.
Transform: Projects a selection set of geometry from one coordinate system to another in the current drawing.
MapWorks Web Image (TMS/WMS) Video Web Image: Builds insertable images from web sources such as TMS (Tile Map Service) and WMS (Web Map Service) servers.  In TMS mode you can produce plan view maps, satellite imagery or terrain images.  In WMS mode you can specify any server, get its capabilities and generate an image of a specified pixel size from selected layers.
  Area Summary: Returns the surface (slope) area of a selection set of 3dFaces.
  Draw Normals: Draw line objects representing the face normals or triangular faces.
  Set Direction: Set the direction of a selection set to clockwise or counterclockwise.
  SubDivide: Subdivides selected 3dFaces into smaller units for smoothing.
  Scale/Rotate: Processes a selection set at their insertion points.
  Attr Flip/Move: Great for maintaining readability on labels.
  Elevate by Attr: Sets the elevation of inserts by the value of one of its attributes.


Calculator: Dialog based tool to calculate all curve parameters based on two known values.
  Complement: Generates the complement for a selected arc.

Controlled Fit: Generates a fit arc or circles through multiple points.  Toggle or control weights with interactive feedback of the curve results.
  Pnt, Pnt, Pnt: Draws an arc object though three picked points in any direction.
Pnt, Tan, Tan: Draws an arc through a point with two selected tangent segments.
  Quick Fit: Draws a fit arc through multiple picked points along path.
  Rad, Pnt, Pnt: Generates an arc object from known endpoints and radius.
  Radius, Direction: Generates an arc object based on known Radius, Direction In/Out.
  Tangent: Draws a tangent arc from the endpoint of a selected line/polyline segment.
Map Grid: Draws a map grid with optional lines/tics and labels.
Network Buffer: Creates buffer polylines around line network.
  Point File: Draws the contents of an X,Y,Z ascii file as points.
  Polyline Midway: Generates a polyline midway between two selected polylines.
Slope Lines: Draws three dimensional slope lines between two linear objects with optional slope arrows.
  Traverse: Draw polylines by distances and numerous angle options.
  Pick Object: Quick change elevation by selecting objects with proper elevation.
  Capture & Insert: Captures the CAD viewport (in tiles) and inserts the captures as an image object.
EXIF Editor: Make changes to the EXIF (extended information) properties of an image file.  Add GPS information to images files without those fields.
Link Inspect: Shows linked images in a resizable preview window as you move the crosshair over objects (such as polyline house outlines) containing links.
  Insert World: Inserts multiple TIF/JPG/PNG/SID images based on world files.
  Make World: Creates a World TFW/JGW/PGW/SDW file from a selected image (even rotated).
  World KeyDwgs: Creates multiple drawings with instance of single world image.
  Coordinate: Labels coordinates at picked points with user customizable block. Values update on regen if moved/copied, etc.
  Curve 1 Pick: Labels a curve at picked point on arc/polyarc segments.
  Curve 3 Points: Labels curve data based on any three picked points.
  Dir/Dist 1 Pick: Labels direction/distance with one pick on linear segment.
  Dir/Dist 2 Points: Labels direction & distance with two endpoint picks.
  Linear Objects: Labels direction/distance, curve parameters and area (if closed) on a selection set.
  Polyline Data: Labels area/perimeter data on a selection set of closed polylines.
  Best Fit: Creates a best fit line (using Linear Regression) through multiple points.
Edit Dir/Dist: Edit the direction and distance of a line while holding the begin or end points.
  Tangent: Draws a tangent line from the endpoint of a selected arc/polyarc segment.
Manager: Quickly create symbolic linetypes (arrows, bullets, numbers, shapes, etc) or text based linetypes based on characters you enter.
Parking: Draw parking lot lines in rapid automation (see flash demo at left).
  Detail Report: Displays coordinates, direction/distance and curve details with summary information.
4-Pt Subdivide: Subdivides a four point polyline, useful in PLSS systems.
  Auto Connect: Automatically connect points and blocks to form new polyline.
Building Close: Closes a selection set of building polylines by adding the back corner.
  Change Origin: Changes the origin of a selected polyline.
  Check Closing: Evaluates and fixes incorrect closing on a selection set of polylines.
  Densify: Densify LW/2D/3D polylines by specifying distance.
  Join Segments: Join multiple polylines, lines, and arcs to form multiple polylines.
Centroids: Temporary marker at the centroid of a selection set of polylines
Origin/Dir: Temporary origin and direction marker on a selection set of polylines.
Vertices: Temporary marker on all vertices of a selection set of polylines.
  Project Vertices: Projects the vertices of a source polyline to intersect a target polyline.
  Remove Arcs: Convert arcs to multi-chord approximations in a selections set using middle ordinate parameter.
  Report: Displays details such as coordinates, direction/distance and curve details with summary information.
  Reverse: Reverse the segments of a selection set of polylines.
  Validate: Checks a selection set of polylines for self intersection and other problems.
Delete: Deletes a polyline vertex by picking near it.
Edit: Dialog edit the coordinates and elevation of a polyline vertex.
Insert: Inserts a polyline vertex by picking point and insertion segment.
  Weed Vertices: Weed (remove) unnecessary vertices in a selection set of polylines.
  2D-3D by Points: Converts 2D/LW polylines to 3DPolys using adjacent nodes with optional transition.
  2D-3D by Isect: Converts 2D/LW polylines to 3DPolys using intersections with other objects.
  Break At Elevation: Breaks a selected 3dPoly at a specified elevation along a segment.
  Grade Report: Displays a detailed report of slopes, grades, ratios, distances, etc.
  Convert to LW: Converts a selection set of 3DPolys to LWPoly.
  Fillet3d: Fillets a selection set of 3dPolys with corner rounding options.
  Offset: Offsets a 3dPolyline by a specified horz/vert distance.
  Mark Elevations: Marks all points of a specified elevation along a selection set of 3dPolylines.
  Slant/Grade: Adjusts elevations of 3Dpoly proportional to assigned endpoint elevations.
  Tag Editor: Edit 3DPoly vertices by changing text tags.

  Assign Elev: Assigns elevations to polyline contours by simply striking a line across the polylines.  Turn a large flat topo drawing into a workable 3D contour drawing in a matter of minutes!
Delete Int: Deletes intermediate polyline contours.  Reduce a dataset for quicker processing when intermediate contours are not important.
Edit Elevations: Edit the elevations of polylines in a table with sorting and factor application commands.
Label Elevations: Label polyline contours using CAD text linetypes.  As the polyline is edited, the label moves with the changes.
Layer Index: Assigns polyline contours to specific layers based on its elevation value.  Useful for layerizing a contour map with no (or improper) layer assignments.
Volumes: Displays average contour area volumes from selected polylines.
Extended Data
MapWorks Label Slopes Video Draw: Draw geometry (hatches, mtext, inserts) based on values in extended data.
Manager: Allows xdata management operations across a selection set of objects.
Edit: Edits the MapWorks extended entity data on a single object.  Dockable palette automatically shows extended data when one object is selected.

Requires (one of the following):

AutoCAD 2007 or higher (32/64bit)
Autodesk Civil 3D (2007 or higher)(1)
Autodesk Land Desktop (2007-2009)(1)
BricsCAD v12 Pro Windows or higher
ZWCAD 2014 Pro or higher

(1) Uses Civil3D/LDT as AutoCAD Engine, does not support
custom objects.  For Civil3D, see our Gizmo3D product.

  Does not work on AutoCAD LT No Mac Version Available

Product Support: Email Support Only.

Before You Buy: Consider that this is a small subset of the functionality in MapWorks Suite.

Price $195: AutoCAD 2007+

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