The Build Thread (9.0)

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The Build Thread (9.0)

Postby twdotson » Sat Jul 18, 2020 6:44 pm

This thread is for small (but important) revisions that don't warrant a thread of it's own. For example a new major tool will be described in a new thread. Applies to both C3DTools or MapWorks.

  • (04-01-20) CAD Engine ColorTheme compliance, shows dark dialogs when dark theme is used.
  • (04-14-20) File System determine (PRJ, etc) improved with index of ESRI systems (from NameMapper.csv).
  • (04-14-20) Parcel ShapeFile Write added, saves parcel geometry and extended data into a ESRI ShapeFile.
  • (04-21-20) Figure Visual Labels improved with dialog toggles for each element drawn.
  • (04-23-20) Image Symbols, added an option to limit the results to those inside an object or rectangle.
  • (05-25-20) Image GeoReferenced Insert, new tool places geotagged photos in plan view with leaders.
  • (06-04-20) Image World Tiles, new option to place labeled rectangles where images located.
  • (06-05-20) Image TMMS Tiles redesigned for easier addition of servers, web list started.
  • (06-19-20) FileGDB Import/Export changed to 64bit only allowing massive memory usage.
  • (06-22-20) Changed Dark theme colors to match Blue Theme in AutoCAD 2020+.
  • (06-30-20) EPA SWMM Import added, Imports the map section of a SWMM .INP file along with tables.
  • (07-09-20) Project LandXML added, projects a LandXML file to a new selected coordinate system.
  • (07-18-20) Parcel ShapeFile Read aadded, reads ESRI Shapefile creating parcels and extended data.

With each revision, the build has been revised. Existing users should run Check for Updates (or download again and reinstall).

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