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The Build Thread (7.0)

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:56 pm
by twdotson
This thread is for small (but important) revisions to this version.

  • (03-23-19) New Direct Mode for reading XLSx files without needing Excel installed.
  • (03-23-19) Table Export now processes multiple drawings, creates multiple XLSx files, one table per sheet.
  • (03-23-19) All dialogs reworked to better accommodate Windows font scaling (>100%).
  • (03-23-19) All code refined for faster processing (single transactions) on the CAD side.
  • (03-23-19) Bonus spreadsheet tools (inside Excel) included in xltools.xlam add-in.
  • (03-23-19) All CUI(x) ribbon icons refined with colored icons, etc.
  • (05-15-19) ActiveX mtext generation, corrected problems with text style overrides not being honored.
  • (05-19-19) Object Properties Dialog, added instance update on close for updated block signature.
  • (05-20-19) Annotation Links Update, corrected problem updating which caused errors.
  • (06-10-19) Added workaround for BricsCAD incompatible startup reactors.
  • (06-18-19) Reworked update process for restored speed on multiple instances per workbook.
  • (07-02-19) Improved Annotation Export appearance including font rotation, attribute support.
  • (07-08-19) Reference Manager improved, change multiple including referenced spreadsheet, style, etc.
  • (07-16-19) Corrected problem on Create New, certain circumstances (2-3) extra layers were created.

With each revision, the installer MSI file has been revised. Existing users can update by downloading again using the link originally received and reinstall.