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The Build Thread (7.0)

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:14 pm
by twdotson
This thread is for small (but important) revisions to this version.

  • (03-23-19) New Direct Mode for reading XLSx files without needing Excel installed.
  • (03-23-19) Table Export now processes multiple drawings, creates multiple XLSx files, one table per sheet.
  • (03-23-19) All dialogs reworked to better accommodate Windows font scaling (>100%).
  • (03-23-19) All code refined for faster processing (single transactions) on the CAD side.
  • (03-23-19) Bonus spreadsheet tools (inside Excel) included in xltools.xlam add-in.
  • (03-23-19) All CUI(x) ribbon icons refined with colored icons, etc.
  • (05-15-19) ActiveX mtext generation, corrected problems with text style overrides not being honored.
  • (05-19-19) Object Properties Dialog, added instance update on close for updated block signature.
  • (05-20-19) Annotation Links Update, corrected problem updating which caused errors.
  • (06-10-19) Added workaround for BricsCAD incompatible startup reactors.
  • (06-18-19) Reworked update process for restored speed on multiple instances per workbook.
  • (07-02-19) Improved Annotation Export appearance including font rotation, attribute support.
  • (07-08-19) Reference Manager improved, change multiple including referenced spreadsheet, style, etc.
  • (07-16-19) Corrected problem on Create New, certain circumstances (2-3) extra layers were created.
  • (09-04-19) Corrected problem on Reference Manager Change Spreadsheet (...) Select Button failing.

With each revision, the installer MSI file has been revised. Existing users can update by downloading again using the link originally received and reinstall.