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The Build Thread (8.0)

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:32 pm
by twdotson
This thread is for small (but important) revisions that don't warrant a thread of it's own. For example a new major tool will be described in a new thread. Applies to both C3DTools or MapWorks.

  • (05-07-19) Figure Detail Report, added elevations toolbar with several additional options.
  • (05-24-19) Alignment Point Inverse, inverses between cogo points returning the distance along the alignment.
  • (05-28-19) Figure Elevations, added set by surface options of average, centroid, vertices.
  • (05-31-19) Points Add Difference, improved with ability to add vertical difference and elevation values as extended data (MapWorks) or Point UDP (C3DTools).
  • (06-01-19) Alignment Sample Figures, corrected problem finding relative figures, added Alignment Tag Relatives tool for MapWorks (C3DTools uses Sites).
  • (06-04-19) Alignment Sample Figures, added Draw Sample Lines and Draw Cogo Points options.
  • (06-05-19) Tools Linetype Legend, corrected problem when entities had ByLayer linetype designation.
  • (06-05-19) Tools Symbol Legend, added options to edit block description, list all blocks with descriptions and (C3DTools Only) transfer style names to marker block description.
  • (06-25-19) Projections Alt Labels, added support for Lat/Lon in decimal degree format, configure in alt system setup.
  • (06-26-19) Parcel Summary Report, added ParOrgPnt (Parcel Origin Point) field.
  • (06-25-19) Surface Face Command, added Boundaries option to shrinkwrap selection with Poly2D.
  • (06-30-19) Figure Statistics Report, lists information about a selection set of figures, such as area and length.
  • (07-01-19) General Scale Independent, scales a selection set of objects with independent x,y,z scale factors.
  • (07-03-19) Point Editor, added Description Remove command, specify beginning position and count.
  • (07-05-19) Legal Reader, added traps for 0° thru 9° to change to 0#° for correct processing.
  • (07-19-19) Lidar Project, corrected point count problem in certain circumstances on target file.
  • (07-23-19) Figure Elevations, added Point option to set elevations to CogoPoints at vertices.
  • (08-08-19) Surface Grade Path, added initial implementation of Tin Walk option.
  • (08-13-19) Surface Grade Path, addressed random switchback problem.
  • (08-19-19) Image Symbol Place, added optional layer name using image EXIF codes.
  • (08-21-19) Corrected Draw Parking problems, added reporting option.

With each revision, the build has been revised. Existing users should run Check for Updates (or download again and reinstall).