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The Build Thread (7.0)

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:06 pm
by Lincoln
I just found this build thread. Thanks for listing the revisions here. It really helps to see what has has been added with each update.

Re: The Build Thread (7.0)

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:41 pm
by twdotson
This thread is for small (but important) revisions that don't warrant a thread of it's own. For example a new major tool will be described in a new thread. Applies to C3DTools or MapWorks and may not be included in C3D Subsets.

  • (06-23-17) Point Hyperlinks: Added description (or point name) hyperlink to images files tool.
  • (07-25-17) Surface Web Elevations: Added mesh output and elevation tile processing.
  • (07-26-17) Projections Slippy Tiles: Draws rectangles showing the extents at a zoom level.
  • (08-01-17) General DMS<>DD: Now modeless dialog, convenient paste results into command prompt.
  • (08-11-17) Map Files: Added GeoJSON Open Standard (*.geojson) import & export.
  • (08-15-17) Tin Surfaces: Added VTP Intermediate TIN Format (*.ITF) import & export.
  • (08-19-17) Grid Surfaces: Added ESRI ArcGrid Floating Point (w001001.adf) import.
  • (08-20-17) Surfaces: Optimized Mass Points Processor faster processing, minimal data burden.
  • (09-13-17) Projections Google Maps: Various tools such as display point, directions, street view.
  • (11-29-17) Point Edit Elevations: Relative renamed Vertical, new Relative option for slope from picked point.
  • (12-08-17) Point Select: Added Surface option, specify selection of points above, below or equal.
  • (02-04-18) Figures: Added Point Report, points (number, coordinates, distance, offset) along figures.
  • (02-07-18) Point Add/Objects: Added option to add object start/end point only.
  • (02-28-18) Figure Output: Added station to output columns, C3D FeatureLines report correct name.
  • (03-14-18) GeoMarker Commands, including quick add (on objects), convert nodal objects and reporting.
  • (04-04-18) Sections, added initial version HEC-RAS export and import tools.
  • (04-04-18) Sections, added initial version section export (to file, excel etc) tools.
  • (04-15-18) Surface Quick Make added, creates surface from geometry with options (like point density/radius).
  • (04-17-18) Point ShapeFile Read revised to create extended data (UDP on C3D) from database fields.
  • (05-17-18) Projection Object Transformation, added two viewports option, support for more object types.
  • (05-21-18) Parcels Legal Reader, minor revision for parsing line bearing/distances.
  • (05-24-18) Surface Mass Points, minor revision for projecting LAS/LAZ extents.
  • (05-24-18) Surface TIN Reconstruct, added 2dSolid read, direct TinSurface create, major speedup.
  • (05-24-18) Point Report, added Layer column, export option for table to CSV, DBF, XML, etc.
  • (05-28-18) Tools Trimble FXL, for importing symbols and layers from Trimble Feature Definition files.
  • (05-28-18) Section Sample Export, added option to enter offsets (comma separated) or All.
  • (06-01-18) Parcel Summary Report, corrected problem when using decimal seconds on labels.
  • (06-18-18) Image TMS Tile, corrected problem adding new server, added Arizona NAIP 2015 server.
  • (06-20-18) Figure Difference, shows differences (horizontal & vertical) between figures.
  • (06-22-18) Figure Difference, added option to compare to a surface, elevation differences, etc.
  • (06-22-18) Figure Daylight, draws daylight figure and extension lines at specified slope to a surface.
  • (06-25-18) Figure Delete Labels, erases all labels on a selection set of figures.
  • (06-27-18) Figure Daylight, added densify option to generate additional points at slope on results.
  • (07-05-18) PolyContour Group, group contours under a name for other operations (below).
  • (07-05-18) PolyContour Volumes, added group name option dropdown, tighter report.
  • (07-07-18) PolyContour Stage Table, creates a linked stage storage table from a PolyContour Group.
  • (07-08-18) PolyContour Stage Graph, creates a linked stage storage graph from a PolyContour Group.
  • (07-18-18) Tools Drawing Rotate, allows rotation of all model space by source and target directions.
  • (08-22-18) Surface Grade Path, added maximum length limiter field.
  • (08-23-18) Figure Vertex Commit, commit secondary vertices on figures to primary vertices.
  • (08-29-18) Surface Pond Spill, determines contours up to spill point, creates polycontour group.
  • (09-25-18) Change (lower) the resolution of a selection set of images while maintaining size/position.
  • (10-18-18) Figure Detail Report, added elev/slope toggle to report slope distances, grades, etc.

With each revision, the build has been revised. Existing users should run Check for Updates (or download again and reinstall).