The Build Thread (8.0)

Functionality that is common to two or more packages
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The Build Thread (8.0)

Postby twdotson » Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:24 am

This thread is for small (but important) revisions that don't warrant a thread of it's own. For example a new major tool will be described in a new thread. Applies to both C3DTools or MapWorks.

  • (05-07-19) Figure Detail Report, added elevations toolbar with several additional options.
  • (05-24-19) Alignment Point Inverse, inverses between cogo points returning the distance along the alignment.
  • (05-28-19) Figure Elevations, added set by surface options of average, centroid, vertices.
  • (05-31-19) Points Add Difference, improved with ability to add vertical difference and elevation values as extended data (MapWorks) or Point UDP (C3DTools).
  • (06-01-19) Alignment Sample Figures, corrected problem finding relative figures, added Alignment Tag Relatives tool for MapWorks (C3DTools uses Sites).
  • (06-04-19) Alignment Sample Figures, added Draw Sample Lines and Draw Cogo Points options.
  • (06-05-19) Tools Linetype Legend, corrected problem when entities had ByLayer linetype designation.
  • (06-05-19) Tools Symbol Legend, added options to edit block description, list all blocks with descriptions and (C3DTools Only) transfer style names to marker block description.
  • (06-25-19) Projections Alt Labels, added support for Lat/Lon in decimal degree format, configure in alt system setup.
  • (06-26-19) Parcel Summary Report, added ParOrgPnt (Parcel Origin Point) field.
  • (06-25-19) Surface Face Command, added Boundaries option to shrinkwrap selection with Poly2D.
  • (06-30-19) Figure Statistics Report, lists information about a selection set of figures, such as area and length.
  • (07-01-19) General Scale Independent, scales a selection set of objects with independent x,y,z scale factors.
  • (07-03-19) Point Editor, added Description Remove command, specify beginning position and count.
  • (07-05-19) Legal Reader, added traps for 0° thru 9° to change to 0#° for correct processing.
  • (07-19-19) Lidar Project, corrected point count problem in certain circumstances on target file.
  • (07-23-19) Figure Elevations, added Point option to set elevations to CogoPoints at vertices.
  • (08-08-19) Surface Grade Path, added initial implementation of Tin Walk option.
  • (08-13-19) Surface Grade Path, addressed random switchback problem.
  • (08-19-19) Image Symbol Place, added optional layer name using image EXIF codes.
  • (08-21-19) Draw Parking. corrected problems, added reporting option.
  • (09-07-19) Draw Parking, added angle parking options, dialog based parameter setting.
  • (09-13-19) Image Symbol Place, added file selection by folder (and all subfolders).

With each revision, the build has been revised. Existing users should run Check for Updates (or download again and reinstall).

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