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Surface Slope Labels

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:07 pm
by twdotson
A new collection of tools to create, convert, import and export surface slope labels.

  • Add: Adds labels at the vertices or specified intervals along a selection set of objects.
  • Convert: Convert a selection set of inserts, leaders (from LDT), points, text or AeccPoints to slope labels.
  • Export: Export a selection set of slope labels to a comma separated values (CSV) file.
  • Import: Import comma or space delimited ascii files, creating slope labels at designated locations.
  • High/Low: Adds slope labels at the high and low points of a selected surface.
  • Offset: Add slope labels along a linear object. Options for begin/ending stations, interval and left/right offsets.
  • Style: Assign styles to a selection set of slope labels by designated ranges.