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The Build Thread

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:45 am
by twdotson
This thread is for small (but important) revisions that don't warrant a thread of it's own. For example a new major tool will be described in a new thread.

  • (12-02-15) Minor problems sending reports to Word/Excel corrected.
  • (02-29-16) Issues changing settings in the LegalWriter Config.
  • (04-19-16) Minor revision for 2017 compatibility.
  • (05-03-16) Discovered a problem detecting Civil3D 2017.
  • (06-11-16) Corrections using LegalWriter [Geometry] button.
  • (09-28-16) Various minor corrections across multiple tools.
  • (01-06-17) Minor correction to LegalReader for short bearing format.
  • (01-31-17) Revision to Deed Entry for Curve Delta, Radius usage.
  • (02-09-17) Minor revision on Summary report (with closure).
  • (02-09-17) Added [Reset] and [Undo] buttons to Legal Writer config.
  • (04-19-17) Minor revision for 2018 compatibility.
  • (06-22-17) Added support for General Note labels as vertex descriptions.

With each revision, the build has been revised. Existing users should download again and reinstall.