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The Build Thread

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:21 pm
by twdotson
This thread is for small (but important) revisions that don't warrant a thread of it's own. For example a new major tool will be described in a new thread.

  • (10-22-15) Initial release of Surface Tools for Civil3D.
  • (11-11-15) Discovered a failure in converting TINs to GRID on Surface Convert.
  • (04-16-16) Minor revision for 2017 compatibility.
  • (05-03-16) Discovered a problem detecting Civil3D 2017.
  • (05-26-16) Trapped an error on Grid file export.
  • (06-03-16) Changed Surface File Import to process multiple selected files.
  • (06-08-16) Added import support for Trimble Tin Models (*.TTM) files.
  • (06-24-16) Show Stats "Average Slope" revised to a weighted average to better match Civil3D.
  • (07-13-16) Added new tools to create, convert, import and export surface slope labels.
  • (02-13-17) Revision to correct problems creating FeatureLines in C3D 2017.
  • (02-13-17) Significant improvements on Mass Points Processor including LAZ support, coordinate system projections, easy click classification selection, more output options and speed enhancements.
  • (03-20-17) Minor revision to accommodate more file system detection using PRJ/XML files.
  • (03-24-17) Added Web Elevations tool, creates a GridSurface with elevations from Bing, Google, or USGS.
  • (04-19-17) Minor revision for 2018 compatibility.

With each revision, the build has been revised. Existing users should download again and reinstall.