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 Civil/Survey Overview

This table gives a brief description of what each of our civil survey products do.

Product Name Description Compatibility

Our adaptive engine interface detects the platform its running on and uses its objects!  When your running on Civil3D or Land Desktop, it uses the systems points, parcels, and surfaces directly with no conversion required.  When you add points with our routines, your adding AECC POINTS just like the native application.

We haven't forgotten users of basic AutoCAD or verticals such as ADT.  In this environment you are doing the same operations with customizable point blocks.

Here are the modules in MapWorks:

Alignments: Contains functionality for processing centerlines and more.
Base: Contains functionality for processing extended data, importing/exporting maps, a symbol manager with over mapping 175 symbols, coordinate projection support and a large collection of general tools.
Legals: Creates highly customizable Legal Descriptions directly from LDT/C3D Parcels or AutoCAD geometry.
Points: Point based COGO, Traverse, Inverse, Edit, Import/Export and more.
Sections: Contains functionality for connecting points, sampling surfaces and drawing sections with grids and other labeling options.  Also generates profiles.
Surfaces: Tools for creating and processing surfaces including gridding, contours, volumes, etc.  Also supports draping and design grade tools.
Geology: Tools for entering drillholes, creating geologic columns and multiple surfaces.

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