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C3D FeatureLine Tools is a collection of tools to extend and enhance creation, editing and manipulation of featurelines in the Autodesk Civil3D product.  Many of the tools also work on other linear figures (including 3DPoly, LW/2DPoly, Spline and even Line and Arc objects).

3dFeatureLines Tools Ribbon


  Audit: Audits a selection set of figures for problems such as self intersection, etc.
Break: Breaks a selection set of figures at specified distances, elevations, a surface, vertices, etc.
  Clockwise: Set the direction of a selection set of figures to Clockwise or Counterclockwise.
Close: Closes a selection set of figures by standard close or building close (adding the back corner).
Connect: Automatically connect points to form new figures.  Specify description matches (like EP,BC,TC) to form multiples in a single process.
Convert: Converts a selection set of figures to a designated type (such 2dPolylines with arcs, 3dPolylines, Splines, etc).
  Densify: Densify figures by specifying distance along segments.  Converts lines/arcs to polylines.
  Elevations: Raise, lower or flatten a selection set of figures.
  Fillet3d: Fillets a selection set of figures with corner rounding options.
Grade: Applies grading to any portion of a 3D figure, adjusts elevations based on various parameters such as elevations entered, grade, plane, or projection method.
  Label: When toggled on, displays tics & elevations at vertices, slopes and distance along segments.  Aids all built-in editing by showing changes from any tool used.  High/Low points are marked with suffixes like 123.45 HP and downhill is marked with arrows.
Mark: Place a point object or temporary marker at the centroid, common points, elevations, origin, surface, or vertices of figures.
  Mirror: Mirrors a FeatureLine object with prompts like AutoCAD.
Figure Linked Offsets Video Offsets:
Linked: Multiple horizontal and vertical offsets created and linked to a figure.  If the figure changes by any operation (such as grip editing) the offsets are updated as well.
Standard: Unlinked offsets of multiple figures using horz/vert distance, flow direction.
  Origin: Changes the origin point of a selected closed figure.
  Output: Output the name, northing, easting, elevation and radius values of a selection set to various targets (Excel, Word, files).
Figure Linked Offsets Video Project: Project from a figure on a specified slope intersecting a surface.  Simply move around the figure picking points to generate featurelines.
  Remove: Convert arcs to multi-chord approximations in a selections set.
Report: Displays coordinates, direction/distance and curve details along with summary information.
  Scale: Tools to scale figures to specified area, length, etc.
  Select: Build a selection set of figures by area, length, elevation range and other parameters.
Adjust: Adjusts one end of a figure segment to a specified slope distance, specified elevation, or intersection of a selected surface.
Reverse: Reverses all segments of a selection set of figures.
Straighten: Straightens segments between two picked points (by removing intermediate vertices).
  Site: Backup stores the current site information so that the site can be restored at any time after being moved to another site.  Unlike Civil3D's built in commands, the move/copy work when multiple site figures are selected.
(Requires Civil3D 2015 or higher)
  Snap: Snaps the vertices of a selection set of figures to nearby CogoPoint locations (with specified horz distance tolerance).
Subdivide: Subdivides a four point figure, useful in PLSS systems.
  Tags: Unique method to edit figure vertex elevations by changing temporary text tags.
  Traverse: Quickly draw figures primarily by distances using numerous angle options.   Very useful for house perimeters.
  Weed: Weed (remove) unnecessary vertices in a selection set of figures.

Requires (one of the following):
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2013-2014 (19.x)
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2015-2016 (20.x)
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2017 (21.0)
  • AutoCAD Civil3D 2018 (22.x)

Product Support: Email Support Only.

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